TurnKey Builders Pre-Construction Check-list

Pre-Build & Design Process

“Getting to know you” – Initial Encounter

TurnKey Builders will sit down and talk with you about home features that you are interested in. We will discuss the standard features that we provide. There is no fee for this service.

“Getting to know your surroundings” – Lot Evaluation

I will walk your lot with you and/or visit lots you are interested in. We will discuss specific lot costs and characteristics associated with these lots. Service provided at no charge.

“Getting to know your personality” – Preliminary Design Appointment

TurnKey Builders will listen and help you to create a design theme for your personal floor plan, home elevations, and mechanical systems that represent the home that you can’t wait to live in. This is a free service.

“Getting to know your expectations” – Introductory Plan and Budget

We will discuss the budget that has been developed from the interests that you personally chose for your home in the preliminary design appointment. The introduction of the budget will verify if we are on track to proceed or need to revise options of your home to fit the budget. No costs will be incurred for this service.

“Summarizing the home” – Project Review

As TurnKey Builders produces the budget that meets your project cost authorization, we will create a contract to build your future home. Fees associated with this stage of the contract represent the work performed by the Architect, Engineer, and Interior Designer of your future home. You will receive a set of plans displaying your future home at this point.

“Finalizing the agreement” – Completion of Plans and Budget

We will do a final review featuring all plans, elevations, systems, selections, and budget involved with your future home. These features will need to be “signed-off” on or changed to proceed. The method of financing or payment for the project will need to be determined at this time. The final set of construction plans will be available at this time.

“Financing the home” – Completion of Lending or Payment Plan

Upon closing of the interim financing loan from the title company or a payment schedule is agreed and “signed-off” on, TurnKey Builders will submit documents to the Architectural Review Committee, jurisdictional city, or county for the approval of the building permits. Construction will then begin on your future home.

Construction Phase

TurnKey understands the important characteristics that create a great builder and uses the experience gained from nearly two decades of building custom homes to achieve this goal. The key traits that are necessary to complete a successful new residential build are communication, organization, attention to detail, and pride in your work. TurnKey Builders, its associates, and sub-contractors are all aware of the importance of creating a successful building environment. The characteristics mentioned above are followed with discipline to offer our clients the best building experience. Communication with you during the construction of your future home is mandatory to keep you updated with the status of the build. The construction process allows for a couple of stages for TurnKey Builders to walk the job on-site with you to ensure the process is going as you had expected. The list below will display the phases during construction in which you will walk the job with TurnKey Builders to confirm the selections and features of your future home are as planned.

Foundation pre-pour inspection

TurnKey Builders will walk the form boards and structure of the foundation with you to ensure it meets the features and design of the plans and specifications required.

Paint pre-application inspection

TurnKey Builders will walk the job site with you to review and confirm the selections and specifications requested for your future home.

Sheetrock pre-hang inspection

TurnKey Builders will walk with you to review the frame, roof, windows, doors, custom features, utilities, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical systems of the house to ensure these items are as designed.

Final walk-through and systems introduction

TurnKey Builders will walk your completed home with you to introduce the final product prior to closing. We will review the mechanical systems and operational features of the home and ensure the quality that TurnKey Builders and you require.

Warranty Standards

TurnKey Builders is regulated under the guidelines provided by the Limited Warranty and Performance Standards adopted from the Texas Residential Construction Commission.

  • 30-day Clients’ Satisfaction
  • 1-yr Workmanship and Products
  • 2-yr Mechanical and Delivery Systems
  • 10-yr Structure and Shelter

What they say

" There are not enough words to express how thankful we are to have met you and used you as our builder. You made this a wonderful experience and always managed to go above and beyond. Please know how happy we are and feel free to use us as a referral in the future.”


“From day one, Mr. Greg Hoppes, gave immediate response to our needs and personal supervision of all phases of construction. I compared net results and costs of other builders and TurnKey Builders is far superior… He ensured our satisfaction throughout the home, as noted by many of our visitors.”


“They did a great job on the design and construction. Greg was actively monitoring his team and the quality of their work. Thanks Greg for making this experience go smoothly without any added stress.”


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